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WeQuit, Adam Neumann Drops Bid to Acquire Bankrupt WeWork

May 29, 2024

In this edition of Above the Line, the former WeWork CEO Adam Neumann withdraws his bid to reacquire the bankrupt company due to unresolved leadership and financial issues.

We also see a surge in U.S. housing prices, which recently hit all-time highs, and significant easing in China's real estate market to revive buyer confidence.

Let’s dive in. 

Adam Neumann Ends Bid to Acquire Bankrupt WeWork
The Guardian
Adam Neumann has abandoned his attempt to buy back WeWork, the company he co-founded and was ousted from in 2019. His new venture, Flow Global, had offered over $500 million but has now withdrawn, citing the current leadership's unworkable plan to exit bankruptcy.

US House Prices Hit Another All-Time High
CoStar News
The S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller Index has reported another all-time high in U.S. house prices, marking a persistent upward trend influenced by limited housing supply and strong market demand, particularly in urban areas.

China's Top Cities Ease Housing Rules as Beijing Extends Aid
Yahoo Finance
In an effort to stimulate the property market, major Chinese cities like Shanghai and Shenzhen have reduced downpayment requirements and eased mortgage rules, reflecting central government policies aimed at bolstering the sector.

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