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Real Estate's U-Turn, Softbank Paid on WeWork, and New Tax Loopholes

November 8, 2023

In this week's Above the Line, we observe a pivot in the real estate market, explore SoftBank's involvement with WeWork, and examine the potential for corporations to bypass billions in US taxes through a newly uncovered loophole.

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Emerging Trends in Real Estate 2024
The latest report from PwC signals a cautious pivot in real estate investment, highlighting resilience in US, Europe, and Asia Pacific markets despite economic headwinds. Office spaces face a transformation as hybrid work becomes mainstream.

SoftBank paid $1.5bn to WeWork Lenders Including Goldman Sachs Days Before Bankruptcy
Financial Times
The cost of one of its most challenging venture capital investments in history continues to mount.

UK Tax Loophole Benefits Multinationals
The Independent
By manipulating their foreign cash positions, a determining factor under the new law, a US multinational could potentially save money by shifting profits to the lower rate from the higher one according to Stephen Shay of Harvard Law School. With over $4 billion at stake, the debate intensifies over the morality of such strategic financial navigation.

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