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Office REITs Rally, Housing Starts, and a Bank Loan Bidding War

November 22, 2023

This week everyone is bidding. We look at a significant rally in office REITs, the rise in U.S. single-family housing starts, and the war for a failed bank's real estate loans.

Is it up only from here on out? Keep reading to find out. 

Office REITs Experience Major Rally
Wall Street Journal
Office real estate investment trusts saw their biggest rally in three years, buoyed by lower-than-expected inflation data and hopes of a halt in interest rate hikes by the Federal Reserve.

U.S. Housing Market Shows Modest Growth
Despite economic uncertainties, October saw a slight increase in U.S. single-family housing starts. This modest growth, driven by tight housing supply, indicates resilience in the housing sector.

Competitive Bidding War for Bank’s Real Estate Loans
The Real Deal
The competition for acquiring Signature Bank's $15 billion rent-stabilized loan portfolio intensifies, with no clear winner yet as bidders vie for a piece of the substantial loan pool.

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