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Office Landlord Concessions on the Rise

January 10, 2024

In this issue of Above the Line, we explore a notable trend in the commercial real estate market: office landlords are increasingly providing concessions to entice tenants. This change is a response to evolving demands for office space and may have significant implications for commercial real estate values. Additionally, we observe shifts in state populations and unfortunate turmoil within the National Association of Realtors.

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Rising Office Leasing Concessions
World Property Journal
Office landlords are increasingly offering significant concessions to attract tenants, a trend that reflects the evolving landscape of office space demand.

State Population Changes Impact Real Estate
Tax Foundation
In 2023, we saw Americans moving to to low-tax states, reflecting a broader pattern where tax burdens and economic environments shape demographic shifts.

Turmoil in the National Association of Realtors
New York Times
Continued unfortunate events and a high-profile resignation have rocked the National Association of Realtors, shedding light on serious internal challenges within the industry.

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