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2024, A Look Ahead: 3 Insightful Reads on the Coming Real Estate Market

December 27, 2023

As 2023 draws to a close, we've observed significant shifts in the realms of real estate, finance, and taxation. Looking ahead, 2024 promises to bring its own set of challenges and opportunities.

In this issue of Above the Line, we shed light on what the future may hold for the real estate market with three insightful articles, each offering a unique perspective on the market's potential trajectory in 2024.

Together, they offer a mosaic of predictions and insights, contributing to a more nuanced understanding of what 2024 may have in store.  

Let's dive in. 

US Real Estate Market Outlook 2024
The CBRE's U.S. Real Estate Market Outlook for 2024 predicts a slow but stable economic growth with a reduced chance of recession, and anticipates a resurgence in commercial real estate investment activity in the latter half of the year.

5 Trends That Will Reshape the Real Estate Market in 2024
HousingWire highlights pivotal industry shifts, including proptech's focus on profitability, the rise of secondary markets due to affordability and remote work, the integration of rentals in MLS, the increasing significance of the rental market, and initiatives for financial inclusivity in homeownership.

The Office Market Had it Hard in 2023; Next Year Looks Worse
The Wall Street JournalOne of the biggest features of 2023 was a persistently challenging office real estate landscape, marked by dwindling occupancy rates and economic pressures. WSJ paints a somber outlook for 2024 that is crucial for real estate and financial professionals to consider in their strategic planning–a brief, concise must-read. 

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